I sink my teeth into myself as I land.
“Ashore, ashore!” I call, as my old mind fades and I allow a new one to begin and grow as I take the first steps on my new home. For a moment, all I can focus upon are the first steps I take as a world is unclouded before my visual abilities. When my mind comes to, I wonder how I got here; I look back and find no boat to have carried me. “I must have been drifting for weeks upon the waves of fragile minds before I washed up here.”

Who I was before was no more, and I had no need to wonder of my escape to this new paradise. All images have now un-blurred and I begin to search for a new bed. Around me are tropical trees I’d only imagine before; was this still imagination? I could smell fresh cinnamon rolls and sea air through my baby nostrils. Below me, lay a soft concrete – nothing I’d felt before. There were many hills before me, and I felt I could begin something bigger than I’d ever been, in this new world.

Four days passed, and I began to grow weary of my lack of development. “There was too much expectation in my last life. I need to be something only I can control.” I’d thought these thoughts for nine years, it seemed – though, the sun and the stars told me otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Ashore

  1. This sounds like the begining of a short story! The world you built with the description was really interesting, kind of familiar but also alien though not in a creepy way.
    The concept that you wake up as a different person is really interesting, of course reincarnation is a saturated subject with lots of debate but i dont think its very present in fiction. Many stories of course have it as a side point to further plot development (such as in the wheel of time and to a certain extent engine summer) but i cant think of a story where reincarnation took first priority in plot exploration.
    Maybe you could have a try at furthering this story if your muse wanted to 🙂

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    1. I appreciate that a lot! I don’t think this story in particular is one I could further – I wrote it while having a panic attack, it was kinda just a reflective piece to help me calm my mind until the waves in my head had subsided. But I’m very glad you liked it!


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