Kung Fury (2015) movie review

From the first time I saw the Kickstarter for this treat of a film, I was excited to see it come to life. Boy, did it live up to the expectations.

Much like the recent Deadpool (2016) feature, it was golden from the opening credits to the finish. The plot follows the world’s greatest cop, a kung fu prophesy, who must go back in time to kill Hitler, who also knows kung fu.

Filled with puns, purposefully poor effects (as it’s set in the 80s and intended to look like an old VHS recording), and gags about time eras, this short feature is surely great for everyone. It’s clear that the whole thing is intended to take itself far from seriously, which really adds to the comedy (similarly to Blink-182’s early career).

There’s not much else I can say without directly saying what happens, as the film is only 30 minutes long, apart from go ahead and watch it. You can find the whole feature on Netflix and YouTube, so if you need some quick entertainment one night after a stressful day, or something to guarantee laughs at with your friends, then definitely give this a watch.

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