Even The Title Sounded Too Cliché

I’ve heard people say,
“You should date a writer,
they’ll immortalise you in their words;
you’ll live forever in their stories.”

But as much as I want the world to know
of the times you make my heart fly,
and my skin shiver from tickles,
and how your scent is more enticing than any perfume

I can’t find the words to do us justice.
No sentence comes clearly to mind
to endorse the tenderness
when our legs are wrapped like ivy vine.

I fear there’s nothing I can say
that won’t sounds too cliché
to describe the warmth in my soul that radiates
when your eyes dilate when you look into mine.

I can’t apologise enough that I can’t
let you live forever in my words
because I know you’re afraid of death;
and if it were with you, I’d want to be immortal too.

But there’s no metaphor
or analogy for butterflies
that hasn’t been written
a thousand times.

So I write this apology
with the dust in my bones
and hope someone notices
the love in this poem.

One thought on “Even The Title Sounded Too Cliché

  1. I noticed! XD
    This one had a really nice flow and rythmn and i think that contributed alot to the tone of the piece, it made your voice sound carefree and warm. Despite the message being bittersweet it kind of had the opposite effect on me, it made me smile to think there are some things we just cannot explain in english. But all the same i think you described your feelings pretty well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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