F is for Family (2015) TV show review

After being apart from my Netflix account for almost a month, I decided to celebrate being reunited with my love by checking out one of the Netflix originals that had been on my ‘To Watch List’ for a while.

This series follows the dysfunctional Murphy family in the 70s, showcasing parents who constantly think of how their lives would have been better if they hadn’t married, a 14 year old who’s flunking all his classes and would rather get stoned than try to succeed in anything, an 11 year old who looks up to his father but can’t earn his respect, and an 8 year old who constantly gets herself into dangerous situations and takes advantage of her wimpy older brother.

So, is it worth the watch?


I thought this show was really funny and followed a story line that I was interested in. While each episode, obvious, has it’s own narrative, the episodes tie together organically and leave you feeling sorry for each of the family members in some way or another (except Maureen Murphy, who’s mostly there to move her brother Bill’s narrative along); even in a small amount of time, as there’s only 6 episodes, we see character development in the two sons, lots of realistic but contradicting emotions between the parents respectively, but still staying consistent to each of the characters’ general behaviours, as well as the family’s regular dynamics.

However, the comedy isn’t for everyone, and that’s very clear from the first episode. A lot of the comedy revolves around the hateful comments that Frank Murphy (Bill Burr) directs towards his various family members and colleagues. A quick way to sum it up is that if you don’t enjoy the dark humour that comes in South Park (1997 – present), then you’re unlikely to enjoy this show. However, I think it’s at least worth checking out the first episode, as the show’s comedy is summed up in the first episode, so if you don’t enjoy that then you know it’s not worth continuing.


In all honesty, I don’t have much to complain about with this series, except for some of the animation muck-ups. They’re not too often – in fact, I only found two myself, but considering the show only has 6 episodes and 2 of them have animation failures, I think it’s worth pointing out (seeing as that’s 1/3 of the show). They are brief, though, and not everyone will notice them, but considering how much money Netflix makes and how popular their original shows are, I would expect a little more care to be put into these things.

So, yes, I think the show is definitely worth the watch. In fact, I enjoyed this show more that I initially thought I would. As I said earlier, though, if you don’t enjoy the first episode then there’s not much point continuing from there.

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