Bitter. I instantly regret paying for this coffee.

With the cafe door open, the morning breeze covers my body with chilled hugs. I’ve always found there to be something endearing – almost romantic – about a chilled morning before 9 a.m. I’ll be using the peaceful serenity of my walk to town, by the canal, as a motivation to get out of bed earlier, from now on.

I forgot to order decaf – drat! I can tell from the headache plaguing the forefront of my brain. Despite this, I keep myself romanticised by the beautiful lights falling from the ceiling of the room; they look like large stars greeting me from the halfway-point to heaven. I don’t believe in heaven, but I’d like to think it was full of twinkling lights in the sky.

With a large gulp, I finish the caffeinated trash, trying to ignore the alarming clumps of soya at the bottom of the mug. Note to self: next time, get almond milk – you know it’s better in every way. At least this gorgeous bowl of porridge increased the quality of my morning; I’ll definitely come back here for the food. Usually I don’t agree with coconut milk, but this is the perfect blend of fruit, spice and oat to hide the audacious flavour of coconut.

In the booth opposite my own (which is definitely a selfish amount of space for a single person to be sitting – but sometimes you should treat yourself to selfishness), a dog is circling their owner’s legs, clearly hoping for attention. Much as the stars on my shirt match those on the ceiling, I match myself to the emotions of a domesticated dog.

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