A List of Things That Raise My Anxiety

  1. Having to call in sick to work
  2. Calling in sick to work because of an anxiety attack
  3. Talking on the phone, especially to people of authority, or strangers
  4. Walking through the house at night without the lights on
  5. When the shower curtain is anywhere other than completely pulled to the wall opposite the showerhead when not in use (i.e. pulled out to cover the bath, as though someone were behind it; semi-spread out; all pulled to the middle of the tub; all pulled towards the showerhead and taps)
  6. Lying on my right hand side for more than 5 minutes, other than when I’m trying to sleep
  7. Sugilite’s theme music in Steven Universe
  8. Sitting on a bus seat that is facing the front of the bus for more than 20 minutes
  9. Walking down certain aisles in Sainsbury’s when there’s a handful of people looking at products. (This applies solely to Sainsbury’s, and no other supermarket. The types of isles I’m referring to are the ones that -by my brain’s irrational logic- should be empty, like the toilet roll isle.)
  10. Spending time with large groups of people for extended periods of time
  11. Unexpectedly spending time with more people than was originally planned (especially if the other person/s are bringing extra people and don’t warn or ask me)
  12. Speaking to authoritive figures (managers, teachers, parents)
  13. Busy crowds in town when I’m alone
  14. Ordering a drink in a busy cafe (even though I’ve worked in cafes, most of which are large corporates that are often busy)
  15. Playing computer games for too long
  16. Watching TV shows/movies for too long
  17. Tidying my bedroom
  18. Falling asleep at night without some background noise (e.g. quiet music, audio commentary, the rain heavily falling on the roof, the rest of whatever TV show episode I’m on when I close my eyes)
  19. Walking past a group of people my age when I’m alone
  20. Thinking about my gender identity and dysphoria
  21. Being alone in a room with a manager, even if I’m on my lunch break and they’re doing work the other side of the room
  22. Bidding higher than my mental limit on an eBay item
  23. Train stations
  24. Tall, thin buildings
  25. Being in a disagreement with my mum (no matter how small or big)

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