Green Room (2015) movie review

A couple nights ago I was at a friend’s house watching the 90’s classic slasher horror, Scream (1996), when he asked me for recommendations for other great horror films worth viewing; in return, he recommended I watch Green Room (2015). Based on the context, I gathered it was a horror, but didn’t think to ask what it was about in my intoxicated state.

Turns out it’s about a punk band gigging wherever they can, leading them to perform at a hangout for Nazi punks; here, they find themselves caught up in a murder and have to fight for their lives to make it out.


Straight up, I would not recommend this to anyone who doesn’t like gory images, violence, or suspenseful films. To anyone else, GO WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW! Go on, stop reading this, hop over to Netflix and watch it!

This is honestly the best film I’ve seen in a while – one I will not hesitate to buy on DVD. The pacing is spot on throughout, never at all feeling like it’s dragging or glossing over anything. On top of this, the plot covers a unique idea, as well as setting itself in a realistic setting, meaning we have no horror tropes to associate it with which leaves you constantly wondering what’s going to happen next.

As I said before, I wouldn’t recommend this if you are squeamish or faint of heart towards gore and violence, as this is full of it. Despite making me flinch at times, I loved the realistic effects used throughout; this isn’t something like Ichi the Killer (2001) where the gore is cool but unrealistic, leaving you un-scarred and possibly disappointed, this film makes you uncomfortable and wonder how they did the makeup (well, if you’re someone like me who’s interested in the behind-the-scenes of film).


There’s little else I’d want to say about this fantastic film without giving away too much; honestly, I cannot recommend this enough! Please go watch this as soon as you can – it’s on Netflix, so grab some popcorn and a cuddle buddy and get drawn in tonight! This is an absolute must see for horror fans, film buffs, and punks alike! Now, hop to!

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